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Simple fleece blanket

Let’s face it whether you are expecting your first bundle of joy or adding to your addition, all moms can agree on one thing, and that is children require lot’s of clothing. Thought it tends to get worse as the child grows, infants go through onesies, booties, caps, pajamas and bibs. With so many plentiful choices, how does one decide?  Quiet honestly it generally falls under what you can get for your buck.  So buying fleece is not only the best comfort option but it’s also the most practical when trying to save money. So the more you know about our simple fleece blanket the more you’ll be able to stock up on. Allow your child to be wrapped in warmth while also being protected from the harsh elements of the wind or snow.  You may also need a blanket for those emergency diaper changes, where the only think soft enough to use against your babies bottom is her fleece blanket.  But not to worry, one wash and it will be back to new at once. You’ll also want to keep in mind the right type of materials being used in other blankets.  Always, Always make sure it is made from 100% natural fiber, like cotton.  This guarantees the air circulation moving freely throughout the fibers, so the baby does not over heat.  Whenever you are purchasing a blanket for a child, try to buy one without any fringes.  This has been known as a huge danger. You’re baby won’t be impressed with fringes, they just want what feels right to their little bodies. As they do get into the toddler ages, you’ll probably have a few dozen or so of blankets. It would be interesting to see which blankets looked the best after many years of wear and tear. 

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