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How to Make Throw Blankets with Embroidery Designs

Talking about the blankets, the first reaction of people is its thermal function. Following the improvement of our living standard, blankets have changed their traditional image to a new and stylish decoration materials people longing for.

If you have talents in sewing, why not create a red throw blanket with embroidery designs. It would be much easier for you to be creative and personalized each throw blankets. If you do not have any talents in sewing, then here are some steps on how to make throw blanket. You need 4 yards or more (depending on the length of your choice) of fleece cloth, scissors, tape measure, needles, sewing pins, pencil, and sewing thread. Now that all your materials are ready, it is time to make that throw blanket.

Cut the fabric into two pieces. Choose which of these pieces you want to use for the front and for the back. Once you have decided, sew the edges of the cut fabric to prevent it from ripping. Measure half an inch on all its edges and put the sewing pins to keep it in place. Before sewing the front fabric to the back fabric, draw whatever designs you want for you to embroider. If you are giving this throw blanket to a lady, man, or children, then choose a design that will best fit them.

After deciding what stitch to use, you can start sewing. When you are done sewing your embroidery designs, attached the front fabric to the back fabric and start sewing these two fabrics together using the sewing pins as your guide. You can use cross stitch design to sew these two fabrics. It will make your throw blanket look more attractive.

For thermal function, or for decoration, blankets now ironically stand on the trend. Don't fall behind, visit www...... to select one for your own and keep yourself updated.

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