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Different blankets

Blankets are necessary in our life. So if you observe carefully, you will find there are many different promotional blankets in the market. And it has many different name: quilts, duvets, and comforters, depending on their thickness, construction and/or stuffing.

Blankets may also be used on the ground for a picnic or other places where people want to sit without their clothing getting dirty or wet.

Electric blankets are heated by electricity. Blankets were traditionally made of wool because it is warm, naturally fire-retardant, and allows air to circulate well, while today synthetic fibers are frequently used. Throw blankets are smaller blankets, often in decorative colors and patterns, that can be used for extra warmth outside of bed.

Other kinds are horse blankets, used to keep horses warm, and saddle blankets, used to prevent the horse's saddle from rubbing on its skin.

Blanket throw terminology is also used in the printing industry. A blanket is a rubber coating over different layer of compressible material. It wraps around a cylinder and insures transfer of ink form the printed material (where the image is ink defined) to the paper. Blankets are used for Offset, gravure, flexo, etc.

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