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« The choice and usage of needle blanketsFleece blankets are preferred by many parents »

What’s the reason that causes the blanket sale to be worn out?

First: there are so many shops that doing blanket's business. Take the Fold Stone Bridge Spin City for example, two years ago, on the Oshima West Road there are only four or five blanket shops, now there are already developed 24 blankets shops there.

Second, it is because of the weather. It is not cold this winter, so we doesn’t need to cover a blanket which is too thick. Third, it is the due to the material characteristic of the blanket. A blanket doesn’t like the quilt or any other spin product, a blanket has the resistance to wear. A blanket could be used for ten several years but without ruin. Therefore we don’t need to replace the blanket so frequently as we do on bedding. Fourth, the product is identical The format of the blanket flower is inferior to the bedding, flower's similar cause dealers do not have their characteristic, this is also one of the reasons that caused the blanket business is not as good as the former blanket business. Fifth, the demand drops. Year ago, the blanket is a product that people must buy before marriage. But the present young people no longer favor to the thick blanket, the blanket no longer is the wedding necessary product.

Certainly, not all the management business of the blankets are not good. There are also few blanket stores which has customers out and in, and they are busy on packing and loading. Inquired about the reason, the complete product, the good service are the shop owner’s “the magic weapon”.

Regarding the future market of the blanket, many marketers hold the attitude of wait and see, and expressed that they won’t change professions. “business is not good this year, everybody expected that next year will be better.”

The professional believed that the profession of the blanket following this rule: the superior win and the inferior wash out, waits the profession depression is incorrect. Only the marketers cater to the market demand, to guide the market demand, to sell the products which has the characteristic, the design new blanket, can draw the declining tendency.

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