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« Wash 100% fleece blanketsWhat’s the reason that causes the blanket sale to be worn out? »

The choice and usage of needle blankets

The multi functions of blankets have determined the everlasting status in our daily life. Selection of a good blanket is a target most people seeking for.

The relations of choosing the wool blankets and the paper machine type and the production paper are variety very big, other like copy fast, the paper machine force of traction, freeness, the squeezing spot and so on also to have the relations, the paper machine type, the paper variety like newsprinting paper, the paper bag paper, the manifold paper, the condenser paper and so on also have the relations with the wool blanket choice

According to the vinyl-clothes, the needle wool blankets may divide into four kinds.: the ordinary needle wool blanket, the thin latitude needle wool blanket, the non-latitude needle wool blanket and the entire chemical fiber wool blanket.

The needle wool blanket is easy to dirty, majority is the mesh jamming, is often serious in the latitude parallel place jamming, according to the analysis . therefore uses the thin latitude and the non-latitude needle wool blanket as far as possible.

The multi function of woolen blankets has made itself increasingly popular. People just love to have blankets for all seasons of the year. Whenever you are looking for an ideal gift or planning to make a trip, selection of a blanket will never make you disappointed

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