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Wash 100% fleece blankets

By the evening or in winter season, a blanket will bring you warmth and comfort no matter you are taking a rest at home, watching TV or at the cinema. Blankets have been an important stuff everybody needs. We should have more knowledge of blankets.

When we wash fleece blankets in daily, First, dissolve the soap into the boiled water, then add a spoonful of boron to the water. when the temperature dropped to about 60 ℃, put the blanket in to the water, dip it in the water about 3 –4 hours. When dipping, you can knead the severe pollution gently. If it is not OK, you can wash it with milkiness that mix the soap and two tablespoons of turpentine together. Wash with clean warm water, dry it naturally. When it almost dry, put the blanket under a layer of iron it coverlet, iron the coverlet. dry in the sun. It is OK when the water disperse.

In any season, blankets are the necessities in our daily life. A good selection will make us comfortable for every season of the year. You will experience how important is to make the right choice. Don’t hesitate, jump into to find the right answer.

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