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Know the different types of blankets

So you finally decided it was time you send your age old blanket to the dustbin? Now you are faced with the problem of finding the right kind of blanket that will suit your preferences. One look at the internet and you’ll be more confused than before you started. There is a wealth of information on the internet but sometime it may be important to separate the dregs from the real stuff. There are different types of blankets and let’s take a look at what they are.

Blankets made from wool
Wool blankets are quite durable and also very comfortable to use. It is possible to find them in all shades and designs. They can be used to produce custom blankets as well as for creating embroidered blankets. However some people find wool uncomfortable or some may be allergic to wool. To still benefit from the advantages of having a wool blanket while avoiding any irritations that may arise from direct contact with the wool, consider blankets that are covered with cotton but filled with wool.

Blankets made from cotton
During your search for a blanket, you may find that this type of blanket is most popular. They can be easily handled and used making them popular among blanket lovers. An added advantage that cotton blankets have over other types of blankets is that they are affordable and cleaning does not need take a lot of your time. Most cheap blankets are made from cotton but that’s not to say that there are no expensive cotton blankets. Obviously, the price of the blanket will increase when you have to use them to get custom blankets.

Blankets made from fleece
Unlike what many are bound to think, fleece blankets are usually made from a blend of polyester and different synthetic fabric. Although the name may bring images of sheep, it is not the same thing. Many people would go for fleece blankets as they are soft and offer a lot of comfort while keeping them warm. Also common are fleece throws that can be used not only to keep warm but also as decorative pieces.

Blanket filled with down
Some blankets are filled with down which are feathers from ducks or other birds. These types of blankets are cold to touch but provide needed warmth when you snuggle underneath. They have a luxurious touch and are durable. It is better to use this type of blanket during the summer when places are warmer. If you decide to use them in winter, you could use it together with a comforter for added warmth. Those who find duvets uncomfortable would love this blanket. Also if you sleep with baby on the same bed, it is a safe choice to make.

Blankets with electric current
These types of blankets have become popular over the years since they were introduced into the market. This is what you need if you like the feel of a warm bed. They have a thermostat control and it’s possible to heat the blanket to a comfortable temperature while in bed.

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