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Other ideas for using blankets

Other ideas for using blanketsBlankets can be use for feeling warm during cold days as well s they can be used for decorating a boring bedroom. Since they come in all colours and fabric, the home owner has a wide array to choose from to suit different purposes. Depending on whether a throw blanket will be used for sleeping or for decoration, it may be lightweight or heavy, colourful or dull coloured.

If you have a beautiful coloured fleece  throw, it may be the right candidate for decoration. Blankets  can be draped over chairs as a means of adding colour to a room. A blanket throw carefully arranged across the chairs can act as good protective cover for the chairs . This is a good idea if you have pets like cats that might snuggle up on chairs leaving behind their fur.

Some have succeccessfully used throws in decorating from the living room to the bedroom. There are many ideas for this and it helps to be a little creative. You could have plush blankets  or embroidered blankets for your bedroom but when it comes to room decoration, the importance of throws is hard to bit. Since they are light weight and easy to fold, they can be folded and placed across the bed and you are sure to get a cozy feeling. In the living room, tthey could be draped ove the arm of a chair and let the fringes fall on one side. They can also be strewn across the back of a sofa  to add warmth . This is especially suitable for outdoor sofas where you can snuggle up to your loved one and feel the warmth the throw provides.

At times like christmas, they can be used to decorate christmas trees. Some throws will come beautifully decorated with different patterns on them. These can be used as skirts for christmas trees. Again if you are moving house and worried about breaking all those expensive items you bought, a good idea may be to wrap breakable items in blanket throws before placing in boxes for added protection. The use of blankets to wrap goods in is actually a practice carried out by some moving companies.

If you are all excited about the ideas for using throws and don’t have one suitable for that ide, it may be worthwhile looking at budget throws in shops an online. There are many online shops that offer throws of all colours and quality at affordable prices. You are sure to get oe that will enable  you carry out that idea.

You may have never thought of your blanket throw as a decorative piece but hopefully by now ideas of how to use your throw for anythinbg other than for sleeping are bubbling in your head. It is now time to  use blankets in a whole new way. Now you know that they don’t only have a place in the bedroom but also in the living room as well. It is all about being creative an coming up with your own ideas.

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