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Starting a wholesale blanket business

Every year there is time for cold weather as well as a time for warm weather. This means that there is a time when there is a high demand for blankets in the market. Interestingly, there are also blankets that are suitable for warm weather and people are still likely to need some warm or decorate their rooms using beautifully decorated blankets. That is why if you are considering starting a business, a business in wholesale blankets could be very profitable.

While this may be an interesting idea, any business man should never forget that they’ll be facing a lot of competition. That is why the aim should be to get a fair share of the market by providing affordable blankets that covers a wide range from embroidered blankets, fleece throws, throw blanket and even custom blankets. Having the right types of blanket for your target population is not the only thing to do. You should be able to determine the best places to buy at relatively low cost that will be passed on to your customers at prices that will keep them coming back for more.

To be able to sell whole sale, you’ll have to be buying your blankets in bulk directly from manufacturers or recognised distributors at a discount. Note that as a wholesaler, you won’t be selling directly to the public but to retailers of blankets. To make it you should be able to provide prices that the retailers will find interesting. To quickly improve your business, you should provide blankets from as many manufacturers as possible. Apart from blankets, you could also sell bed sheets, pillows and other item for the room.

Another way to ensure you make all the money you can from any one customer is to have in stock all the types of products that retailers may ask. That may require prospecting potential retailers or it may come from experience. Retailers will prefer a wholesaler who acts as a one stop shop meaning they don’t have to go around town getting goods from different suppliers.

While throw blankets and embroidered blankets may get you a lot of business, baby blankets are sure to get you even more business. There is no season for children to be born meaning that parents, friends and relatives are always looking for baby products. This has meant that there is a constant demand for baby products of which baby blankets are a favourite. So if you stock in well on such blankets for babies, you may well have secured yourself a constant flow of cash into the business. There other baby products that could be added to the shop

Just like any business, a lot of effort to be put to make sure you can withstand competition from other competitors in the sector. That is why it is important to ensure you get your blankets from distributors and manufacturers that will give you the right discount to stay in business. Also try to advertise your business in your local journal and by word of mouth.

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