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Taking care of embroidered blankets

Embroidered blankets can be made of wool, fleece or other type of material with elaborately created and stitched designs. Since the cleaning method to use will depend on the base material on which the embroidery was placed, it is important to have this at the back of your mind when thinking of cleaning this type of blanket. Whatever the case, there some general cleaning guidelines that will apply to all embroidered items irrespective of their base material.

The best idea when it comes to cleaning embroidered blankets is to vacuum clean it. All you need do is turn on the nozzle and use the vacuum cleaner to pick out as much dirt as you can. This should be enough to bring back the shine on the blanket. However, if this does not happen, proper cleaning may be needed. Although it you can do the cleaning by yourself, it is not advisable as you may end up ruining the embroidery especially if you are not sure of the fabric that was used. You could consider dry cleaning the blanket but also remember that not all cleaners will understand how to handle embroidery and they might spoil it. It may be worthwhile getting into a proper contract that stipulates what happens if your article is ruined. This is just a way to mitigate the risk of losing an expensive piece.

Your blanket may come in different colours and before putting them in one place for washing, before to do a colour fastness to be sure of the ones that run and those that don’t run. Testing fabrics for colour fastness is a very easy process that can be done at home. To carry out this test all you need is a piece of white cloth. Wet the blanket to be washed and if the colour stains the white cloth, then it should not be put together with the other ones.

When it comes to cleaning, you could consider doing it yourself by hand washing it or dry cleaning it. The only time you should try to dry clean by yourself is if the blanket is not heavily stained. A home dry cleaning trick should be able to do the job. If it is really dirty, you can decide to wash it by hand. When hand washing, it is better to use distilled water as hard water has chemicals that may stain the fabric. Fill a clean bucket or sink with water and add the right detergent. Soak the blanket in water for a few minutes then move it around without wrinkling or squeeze. Change the water and repeat this until you can tell it is clean. When drying, don’t wring the blanket instead roll in a cloth like a towel.

It is obvious that an embroidered blanket may be made from the same fabric like a plush blanket or fleece blanket with no embroidery. However the washing methods will differ due to the embroidery on the blanket. The aim is to wash the blanket while ensuring the embroidery is not ruined.

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