Custom Embroidered Blankets, Fleece & Plush Blankets, Great Promotional items, Custom Embroidery - is a professional custom blankets supplier which provides different promotional blankets gift, embroidered blankets and personalized blankets, Our blankets, such as fleece blankets, plush blankets, sweatshirt blankets, blanket throw and nylon blankets, etc. All are perfect for family and hotel needs.

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Blankets, blankets and blankets everywhere!

What are blankets?
Blankets are an article of fabric that people have been using throughout the ages to simply provide themselves with warmth and comfort in every season. Yes, that’s right, these articles of fabrics are in the world from a long period of time and they have been doing what they are doing for quite some time now. Of course they weren’t known as blankets at that time but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t there. People have been seeking warmth and comfort from years and years and these articles of fabric have been there ever since.

There are many different variants and many different types of blankets and all of them have a different purpose or a different use. Some provide charm and attraction with warmth, and some just provide warmth and comfort to the person that wears them. Whatever the case be and whatever the season be, they never fail to provide warmth and comfort. The many, many different types and variants include embroidered blankets, fleece blankets, plush blankets that are not only good for providing warmth but also make a unique and amazing display, plain blankets and most importantly, custom made blankets which are tailored and designed to your liking.

What we offer
We offer blankets, but not only any blankets, we offer wholesale blankets. This means that the blankets we provide you are the best blankets in town and that what we offer is the best. We offer you not only the best products, but the best rates and the best customer service and satisfaction too. The services we are able to provide are unlike any other company or firm and they are the best services you will be able to receive from any given company. We can make you say “WOW!” And if a wowing product is what you look for, look no further because we have just that.

Why you should buy blankets from us
That is simple. That is simple because we not only provide you with the best blankets, we provide you with wholesale blankets that are inspired by you, and perfected to your liking. If you are not only looking for the best products, but the best products at the best price, you should have a look at our stock and we guarantee that you won’t leave empty handed. We have the ability to provide you with the best products at the best prices and the best customer service.

What we have that others don’t
It’s simple. We don’t have anything that the others don’t but we provide you with something that others scarcely provide you with. We provide you with customer satisfaction and we provide you with the best customer service that others can only guarantee but cannot fulfill. If you want, you can go and visit any other blanket store and all you will find are some grumpy representatives trying to shove blankets down your throat. That is not the case with our store and that is why our customers walk in normal, but they walk out satisfied.

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