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Buying blankets for babies

If you are an expectant mother, you are probably very excited about buying things for baby. You have surely been looking at all the things baby will need especially when it comes to keeping babies warm. There are many baby blankets in the market but a little bit more care should be taken in deciding the type to use for baby’s bed. Decorative blankets like embroidered blankets may be beautiful but how safe they are for use in the cot is more important.

It goes without saying that keeping your baby warm is probably the main reason why you are looking at buying blankets for baby’s bed. This will depend on the existing climate in the area in which you live. In very cold areas thick cotton plush blankets may be necessary while in others blanket throws will do the job. However, it will be better to buy blankets that are made to go with babies.

The tendency is to assume that embroidered blankets are safe and use any one on baby’s bed. However unlike for adults, there can be potential safety hazards for babies if the wrong kind of blanket is used. That is why it is better to buy blankets that are made specifically for use with babies than to use a normal one. Blankets that are sold for babies will normally follow some safety regulations. Blankets for babies should not have a lot of over hanging threads of them. Baby may decide to have a meal and chew on the hanging threads and risk getting choked. Also a baby’s blanket should not have holes in them. Babies play around a lot and they risk getting their arm or head stuck in the hole.

It is general better to have your baby in the same room with you but not in the same bed. This is to reduce the risk of baby suffocating. However although you’d get a different bed for baby because you want baby to be safe, many parents are tempted to decorate baby’s bed with all kind of toys and custom blankets that were specially made for baby. Irrespective how good this idea may sound, these items should actually be removed while baby is sleeping in it is bed. Many cases of Sudden Infant Death syndrome have been linked to stuffing baby’s bed with toys and blankets.

Babies like comfort and warmth and this can be gotten by using fleece throws and other types of blankets. However, it is better to use lightweight blankets on baby’s bed. Generally, it is even better to make sure baby is under constant supervision when the use of blankets becomes inevitable. This is to ensure that they don’t get stuck in an uncomfortable position as they move around in sleep. As said before when shopping for items for baby. Safety should be at the top of your mind.

While you are looking for items to decorate baby’s bed, remember that any baby blanket bought may have to use as a decorative piece which may have to be removed before baby is put in bed. If you must use a blanket, use one custom blanket made for babies.

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