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Choosing Blankets - Tips and Ideas

Redecorating a home or just a specific room is always a fun and exciting activity. The first step, unless you already have furniture and beddings prior to moving in, is shopping for the things needed to complete the home. For the bedroom, it's always the beddings, pillows, and blankets that should be at the top of your list. If you just moved into a new home and are about to shop for beddings and blankets, this article is going to help you choose wisely among the thousands of brands and types of blankets being sold in stores nationwide. You will realize how important it is to choose wisely because both the health of your family and your overall budget will depend on your decisions.

One may think that it takes a significant amount of money to redecorate but in all honestly with just a few colorful blankets and throws placed throughout each room, you can truly give the illusion of a complete transformation. You first need to decided what color options you want to work with, from there it’s off to the local department stores to start shopping.  To also add a little spice and flare you can combine different types of material of the blankets used, which can also give a dramatic appearance depending on what image you want to portray.  With so many fabric options you have the diversity to create any effect for any given room.  Natural fiber blankets can be quite expensive, but they provide optimum durability and breathability because of the natural materials being used during manufacture. Most people find natural fiber blankets more comfortable to use, so if you think the comfort and health of your family is more important than price, this is the type of blanket for you.

Synthetic fiber blankets are much cheaper than natural fiber ones but they lack breathability due to the materials being used. Examples of synthetic fiber blankets include acrylic, fleece, and vellux. These blankets, particularly acrylic blankets, provide warmth during cold seasons and are much more affordable.
The next decisive factor is the construction or weaving of the blankets. This focuses more on the warmth and insulation being provided by the blankets. If you live in areas where it is normally cold or hot, this is an important factor to look into when shopping for blankets. There are two types of weaving: thermal and conventional.

Conventional blankets, on the other hand, are for those who are sensitive to the cold and need more insulation during the night. Made with synthetic or wool fibers, conventional blankets are tightly woven and provide more warmth

So now that you have the basic blanket 101, it’s time to get out there and start shopping.  Remember to be open minded and have fun, after all they are just blankets and throws it’s not like your knocking any walls down.  Take it lightly and have fun…Happy Blanket Hunting…

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