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Baby Blankets - A Must Have for Your Newborn

Baby blankets are well accepted by the parents. Grand-parents, in particular, usually send blanket gift to their newborn grandchildren. Or by placing orders for photo-blankets to make children feel warm and cared.

Most expecting mother often chooses that one special blanket when needing to bring their child home from the hospital.  The baby blanket needs to be large enough to wrap a baby securely without being burdensome, and too bulky.

Receiving Baby Blankets

They are often used for receiving new infants at birth. Receiving blankets can also be draped across a baby in a stroller for warmth, used for quick layers in baby bedding, spread on a surface for a quick diaper change, used for burping, or used for privacy to cover a baby while breastfeeding. When selecting a receiving baby blanket, people may want to remember that babies have very sensitive skin. If a blanket feels rough and scratchy to an adult, it will feel even more unpleasant for the baby. Some parents also prefer to use natural fibers like untreated cotton, satin, linen, and silk with their babies. For someone who tends to buy organic and use natural products, an unbleached, un-dyed cotton receiving blanket might be a good choice. Baby blankets are such a versatile necessity. We use them for everything, and we still use them as an intermediate layer in the baby's bed throughout infancy and beyond.

Swaddling Baby Blankets

In addition to being an ancient tradition; you will need a blanket for swaddling, as it can help calm down the baby. Swaddling makes them feel secure; like they are still in the womb. Swaddling is only effective for the first few weeks after birth. After one month, swaddling, which inhibits movement, can restrict your baby's motor development skills.

Your blanket should be specific to the weather, meaning not too hot and not too cold. It should be large enough so that you have enough fabric to cover the baby easily. It doesn't matter if the blanket is flannel, cotton, thick or thin. Baby blankets come in different sizes, texture and a whole array of colors.  Remember, whichever you choose can be your infant’s security blanket for the next several months and perhaps up to 5 or 6 years of life. Many new mother’s have dozens of baby blankets at here dispense for any and all occasions. This is exactly why having one personalized with a sweet embroidered manuscript is the best way to go.

Baby blankets, as implied, is tailor-made for the babies to make them warm and comfort at all times. You will never be disappointed for your selection.

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