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Using Baby Blankets to Put the Baby to Sleep

Baby blankets are a great item because it keeps your baby comfortable during cold nights. The sense that would best be felt by your baby is relaxation and a quiet nights rest.  They best get this when they have their nice and warm blanket wrapped around them. Aside from keeping the babies warm, the blanket has many other uses as well. The blanket is a handy piece of equipment that you can carry with you when you are taking care of the baby.

When you choose the right blanket for your baby, choose something that won't create discomfort and will offer breathability and not a smothering type of blanket. Non-breathable blankets are not a choice since it traps the moisture and brings discomfort to your infant. Breathable blankets allow the moisture to escape and leave the baby's skin dry.

You have to also keep in mind the many allergies that come with certain materials. Some babies have sensitive skin and are more prone to allergies, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Remember, your infant is experiencing the world for the first time, so why take the chance?  Fleece is hypoallergenic and will not irritate their sensitive and gentle skin. 

If you like to make blankets or would like to add a personal touch, putting a special word or message is always a good idea. You can even put something on the blanket like a short quote or the name of the baby, date of birth or any other little message that comes to mind.

You will know for sure if the blanket you wrap your baby in is just the right one for them by the way he or she sleeps, if they are soundly asleep you have found just the right blanket.

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