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Capture Memories With a Fleece Photo Blanket

Living in the digital age is wonderful and has definitely come a long way. We can take hundreds of photos, store them all on a card, and send them to a computer where we can view them, upload them to places like Flickr or Facebook, and even send them off to be printed - all without leaving our house. The only problem is that we take so many pictures that we don't have a way to display them all. Not only that, but when we store them on a computer, we are less compelled to actually print them off and display them. As a result, we're left with a photo collection that we never use.

So a great idea is to gather these pictures rather than let pictures go to waste, especially great collections from vacations and holidays and print them to an actual blanket.  Why not do something different? I'd like to introduce you to a cool concept called photo blankets, which are essentially a photo collage that you can display proudly in your home as a throw blanket. You can get them in almost any size, shape, and color, but more importantly, you can use individual photos or collections of photos to display on your blanket of your choice.

Trying to figure out what to do with all those wedding photos? Why not display them proudly on a blanket that you can either keep around the couch to keep you warm, or display on the wall or on a rack. Since the picture is high resolution quality, you won't have to worry about it looking blurry or out of focus. Even better...the pictures never wear off, which means you can use the blankets for years without worry and have your fondest moments displayed all the time.

You can buy photo blankets in both woven and knitted designs, but both are great quality, soft, and extremely comfortable. To create your blanket, simply look through your picture archive for a clear photo, make sure that it was taken at a high resolution, and upload it or send it via email. You'll have your photo blanket within 7-10 days. It's as easy as that! If you aren't sure if the picture will work, you can double check before you have it printed.

Personalized picture blankets make fantastic gifts, especially as the holidays get closer. They are perfect for grandparents, parents that have all of the people closest to you represented, spouses, and friends and most memorable moments. You don't have to stick to special occasions either. You can use them to display a photo of your dog, cat, or any other pet that you have a photo of. Some people have even used them to show off their favorite college or pro sports team. 

Sure, you could keep storing photos on your computer or on memory cards, but you only have so much time to go through them. There's only so much room on a wall or table, and buying frames get's expensive. Photo blankets make it easy to showcase an entire collection of photos, and they look great!

A gift as unique as this will have people talking about it forever. In my experience, people simply can't stop talking about how much they love these blankets. Try one for yourself and you'll quickly see that they are a one of a kind way to show off a memory and stay warm for the winter or any other time of year. 

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