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Snuggle Blanket for a Good Night's Sleep

A Snuggle blanket is an essential tool for an infant or a small child or anyone else who needs to sleep well or to keep warm during cold winter nights. Even adults need to stay warm with a nice thick comfy blanket, from time to time. The ideal blanket for your baby is still a personal choice, of course, and your options are very wide with many different sizes, colors, and style.

Ideally the snuggle blanket you would be looking for is of a soft and delicate feel. Many of us aren’t too good with the name of the materials we like, just if it’s soft to the touch and easy to adapt to.  Otherwise, you might end up having a stiff blanket to  cozy up to.

There are many different models of the snuggle blankets and sizes as well. They are usually softer because of the materials used. Amongst the most famous blanket in the market today is the snuggy. They are made from very soft fabric which is perfect for small kids. It is so soft that a lot of people think it is made from the spin fur of mink. However, those are just fiction. In reality, the fabric of Korean blanket is synthetic acrylic cloth.

What makes it so soft is the thread count and superior craftsmanship, by slowly and easily assembling the blanket to perfection. While a high thread count may matter in the softness of a snuggle blanket, it is not really the key aspect you would be looking for in a quality blanket. It is true, though, that soft blankets do have high thread count. But what really matters is that the sheets are made out of superior materials. Cotton, wool, and other fabrics are being rolled into yearn before they are created into blankets. Basically, quality yarn is what you should look for to make sure that the blanket is flexible.

Sheets or blankets with high thread count can seem impressive, but don't be lured into buying these just for that factor. Touching and feeling the blanket is the best way to judge if the softness is just right for you. All the other numbers don't matter, except for the measurements, of course.  It’s all a matter of personal preference, what works for you may not work for the next person. 

Another thing to consider when purchasing a snuggle blanket is its material. Today, organic materials are available in the market. One of the popular ones would be Egyptian cotton, known to have a superb cotton quality. Most blankets use cotton, but there are also other fabric used. This is an important factor for those who are eco friendly and don’t like using a product that comes from an animal.  This is made from a pure man made material.  So you can rest comfortably knowing you are doing your part and helping the environment. 

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