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Tough-1 Polar 1200 Denier Nylon Turnout Blanket

From the original TOUGH-1. Heavyweight Waterproof Turnout Rug Waterproof & Breathable These custom blankets have a hydrophobic membrane, that repels water droplets while permitting water vapor to pass. Rain and snow are repelled on the outside; perspiration evaporates from the inside. This desirable characteristic also provides excellent wind proofing.

The best fitting promotional blankets we have found the neck fits tighter, better and closer with less bulkiness than any other blanket on the market.

Designed without a back seam to prevent leakage.

210 Denier Nylon liner 
Shoulder Gusset for a perfect action fit and ease of movement
Wind stopping tail Cover
Fleece Wither Protector
Open front with double buckles
Bias crossing Surcingles with elastic ends
Adjustable leg straps with elastic ends

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