Custom Embroidered Blankets, Fleece & Plush Blankets, Great Promotional items, Custom Embroidery - is a professional custom blankets supplier which provides different promotional blankets gift, embroidered blankets and personalized blankets, Our blankets, such as fleece blankets, plush blankets, sweatshirt blankets, blanket throw and nylon blankets, etc. All are perfect for family and hotel needs.

Gives you more options-throw blanket

A throw blanket is more distinct then the average blanket because they are edged with fringe, making it one of the more decorative options available.  Throw blankets are generally made of 100% cotton, cotton poly blend or rayon.  This is highly in demand because it exhibits great durability through numerous washings. Some are preshrunk and tend to get softer and better the more they are washed.  Throws come in a variety of colors and designs.  Which can make for great additions throughout the holidays?  You can have a specific design for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, winter or Fall, summer or spring.  Depending on the size, they can also decorate the home by being draped over a sofa or favorite recliner.  Throws are a relatively cheap way of getting around redecorating.  They can bring to life an old beat up couch, or offer a little color to the bland colors you have had for the past 20 years. 


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