Custom Embroidered Blankets, Fleece & Plush Blankets, Great Promotional items, Custom Embroidery - is a professional custom blankets supplier which provides different promotional blankets gift, embroidered blankets and personalized blankets, Our blankets, such as fleece blankets, plush blankets, sweatshirt blankets, blanket throw and nylon blankets, etc. All are perfect for family and hotel needs.

Introduce the hand embroidered baby blankets

Blankets are our daily necessities, particularly for the children. It is the best choice to send blankets to children as a fancy gift. Blankets will not only make children feel warm but a purpose of protection.

Fleece blankets for baby

Usage of fleece blankets are now unlimited to bedding only but in the car, for traveling etc. Its intensified applications has made itself become increasingly popular in the current market. Regardless of adults or children, it is now the first choice.

Polar fleece throw blankets

Personalized blankets make special gifts for wedding, anniversary, graduation, and all occasions. Embroidered designs and messages personalize your fleece blankets to make the perfect gift.

When compared to wool blankets, fleece blankets are less expensive and are much easier to take care of. When it comes time to wash fleece blankets you just throw them in the washer and dryer. No special or expensive trips to the dry cleaners.

Baby blankets in many occasions

By the evening or in winter season, a blanket will bring you warmth and comfort no matter you are taking a rest at home, watching TV or at the cinema. Blankets have been an important stuff everybody needs.

Baby blankets are easy to layer and therefore to maintain your baby at a comfy temperature, as you can add or take away blankets if your child is too hot or too cold. The greatest baby blankets to use are made from soft, hypoallergenic materials which feel warm and soft to touch, making the cot a pleasant and calming place.

Picture blankets as gifts

Woven photo blankets are most often created from cotton or acrylic yarns. The images chosen for the promotional blankets by the consumer appear as woven patterns. Taking an up close look at woven photo blankets, the consumer will notice individually colored yarns combined to make one large image.

Types of Blankets and Throws

Personalized Baby Blankets and Throws – These are made to be soft and memorable. They are supposed to be keepsakes for the baby so they can treasure it while growing up. They can be stitched with the baby's name or the family's last name.

The different material of blankets

Blanket is a common bedding stuff, used in beds, like quilts do, to keep body warm, relatively thinner. It is made of animal fibers (wool, Alpaca, bison down, mohair, cashmere wool, llamas wool, camel hair, Angora rabbit hair, yak hair) or, chemical fibers (acrylic fiber, viscose fiber), and some, mixture of both, chemical and animal fibers.

Knotted patchwork blankets

Following the chase of modernization in our daily life, the trends for popularity of blankets are now being blown in Euro-American markets. Unique and fashionably designed blankets are the beloved of all the consumers.

Electric blankets safety

With summer coming to an end it is time to stop thinking about staying cool and start thinking about keeping toasty. One kind of the best items that people use to keep warm is the often misunderstood electric blankets.

An electric blanket carries almost no risk if looked after and used properly. However, if your electric blanket is more than 10 years old, you simply must replace it. A study in the UK showed that 99% of all fires caused by electric blankets were caused by electric blankets over 10 years old.

The multi functions of blankets

The multi functions of blankets have determined the everlasting status in our daily life. Selection of a good blanket is a target most people seeking for.

The market for the blankets is developed in a fast speed which brings unlimited business opportunities for those involved in the industry. Blankets are now regarded as a necessity in our daily life, for decoration, for travel...

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