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What are throw blankets

A standard throw blanket is a medium sized blanket which is generally of a size 3*5 feet (0.91*1.52m). Though there are various sizes of these blankets available right now. The throw blanket is considered one of the most decorative blankets that you can use for decorating your home as it is edged with the help of fringe.

Pure cotton, cotton poly blend or rayon can be used to make the throw blanket. One of the most popular throw blankets at this point of time is that of rayon chenille throw blanket but it lacks in the durability when it is washed numerous times but it is much better when we take up the cotton blankets. When we see the attractiveness of the throw blankets then we will find that the rayon ones are the best and they are even less expensive than the pure cotton throw blankets.

Reading the instruction manual for washing a cotton throw blanket is necessary to keep it intact. Some of the cotton throw blankets are pre-shunk and then it gets better and softer after undergoing numerous washing through the washing machine and then drying. Most of the cotton throw blankets shrink after undergoing washing for one or two times and the colours of the cotton throw blankets will fade away when it undergoes washing.

The throw blankets are available in wide variety of colours and designs. Especially during the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays, these throw blankets are available in various holiday themed designs. You can very well decorate the home by these throw blanket which can cover the chairs and can also be used as an excellent Christmas tree skirts as those are available in various size which can fulfil the individual needs. If you leave away those holidays then also you will find varied decorations of throw blanket round the year. The blankets are also designed such that it pleases all the ages of the population right from the kids who will be very happy with the Harry Potter or Sponge Bob on their throw blankets and the adults will be happy with the pictures of serene trees, forests and lighthouses on their blankets.

Even these throw blanket can be used for creative things like decorating the walls with these wall hangings as they can be made beautiful by it and it can also be used to overcome the dull colours of the couch. These throw blanket can be used to protect chairs, couches and cushion from dust by covering it.

These blankets are easily portable and very easy to carry and hence it can be taken outdoors wherever you want and will definitely help when you need a protection of cold when you are outdoors. This can also be used to spread on the ground when you are going for picnic as it resists dampness and it is thick.

The advantage of a throw blanket over that of the regular blanket is that it can be used as a spread when you have used it with the purpose of providing warmth against cold. So it is a multipurpose blanket.

Personalized blankets are made available nowadays and so you can give them as corporate gifts to your employees too.

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