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Warmth of Blankets: Sweatshirt, Fleece, and Stadium

From the time I was a baby, I loved blankets.  My mom used to tell everyone that I was her best baby because I would suck my thumb and cuddle my blanket.

Even though I finally gave up my thumb,  I have never given up my love for blankets.  My husband says the reason I love blankets is because I am always cold, but I think he is always hot.  When it is chilly, everyone in the crowd will be wearing a jacket or cuddled in a blanket, with the exception of my husband and a few other overheated males.

A fairly new trend in the blanket market is Sweatshirt Blankets.  The same adjectives that describe a sweatshirt, comfortable and soft, describe sweatshirt blankets too.  We offer 100% polyester, along with cotton and polyester blends.  Screen printed or embroidered, we offer colors from basic black to Carolina blue.

There s also traditional fleece blankets like the Fleece Throw Blanket and Classic Fleece Blanket that come in a variety of colors.  I prefer anti-pill fleece blankets like the Fleece Throw Blanket because I don t like little furry balls on my blanket.  I prefer soft, smooth warmth from blankets.

Another top choice is the Large Oversize Stadium Blanket with whip stitching around the outer parameters and a carrying case.   Take this blanket along to outdoor plays, and of course, ball games.

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