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Very quick - fleece blankets

Sometimes we will need a gift in a big hurry: a forgotten birthday, a baby that came early, a hostess gift for a last-minute dinner invite. So it's worth your while to build up your stash before you need it.


While cottons are always a great buy for quilts, and poly-cottons for crafts, you can plump up your stash by tucking away a few Fleece Blankets.


Fleece, like felt, doesn't ravel or fray when you cut it. It comes in funky designs, all colours of the rainbow, and is incredibly soft and cuddly. Pre-printed panels are available in a variety of choices and they are fairly inexpensive.


A quick, fabulous, personalized gift in less time than it takes to fight your way through the mall.  So the fleece blankets are the best choice.

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