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Very Quick Fleece Blanket

Need a gift for a forgotten birthday, early arrival of a baby or even a hostess gift for a last minute dinner invite - fleece blankets are perfect gifts. You can buy them in stores or make them at home yourself.


Fleece does not ravel or fray when you cut it. It comes in many colors, fun designs and is very soft and warm. You can even find pre-printed panels as well. Fleece is also fairly inexpensive.


To make the absolute quickest blanket gift ever, follow these instructions:


1) Purchase fleece pre-printed panel or length (generally 1 to 1.5 yards but if you aren't buying a panel, choose the length you wish).


2) Measure the length in inches and times this by 2; measure the width and times this by 2. Add these totals together and add 12" to get the amount of binding you need to have.


3) Cut and piece binding. Fold over and press.


4) Machine stitch binding to top of fleece blanket; fold over and pin to back. Stitch in-the-ditch on the front of the blanket, 'catching' the binding on the back, to secure it.


For an even faster finish, purchase satin blankets binding.


You can also find instructions for no sew fleece blankets. They are just as easy and make great gifts. So next time you need a quick gift  and want to give something from the heart give a fleece blanket.

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