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Throw blankets

Now throw blankets already touched into our life. A lot of people like it. That's why ?Below we introduces the throw blankets to everyone.


Velvasuede Throw gives the skin will shock you while making your home even more cozy Now it s easier to relax and be warm at night The Velvasuede Throw is roomy enough to be divided so you can wrap yourself or snuggle your loved one because it is a very ample throw blanket Besides it comes in many colors thus you can select the color that fits the decor in your home Beyond any doubt the Velvasuede Throw is going to be the ideal decor piece for your home as guests adore it or as your loved ones wrap themselves in it Adorn your living now and enjoy the amazing softness and warmth of the Velvasuede Throw Microfiber fur with soft suede on the opposite side Made of 100 polyester Washing machine friendly Available in black navy brick red caramel mocha ivory slate brown Dimensions 50 x 60 inches includes a vinyl zippered bag.


If you know the throw blankets, believe you will like it.

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