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The versatility of a fleece blanket

Nowadays there are many fleece blankets in the market. Although they have the different color and  types, but they are equally versatile.


A fleece blanket makes a perfect gift for a baby. There are blankets with various nursery type designs including nursery rhyme themes, floral patterns, and cartoon motifs. You can even find over size fleece crib blankets. There are some adorable appliqu??s for fleece baby blankets.


Not only can a fleece blanket be used to keep you warm on a cold night, this type of blanket can also be used to keep your dog warm. There are various sizes and style of fleece blankets for dogs. You can even have a dog blanket personalized if you would like. Any cold sensitive dog would love their very own fleece blanket.


You might think of fleece as something you need only in autumn and winter, but there is a type of fleece blanket that you will want to keep on hand year round. A fleece picnic blanket encourages summer fun. This blanket is made of heavyweight fleece and has a water resistant fabric on one side. Some of these picnic blankets can be rolled up so that they have a handle for easy carrying. Most come in the familiar blue or red tartan design and some can be personalized with various logo designs.





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