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The information on photo blankets

Now more and more people like the Photo Blankets. Photo blankets have already been available for personalization and customization gifts for many years. So  photo balnkets became very popular in our life. 


Photo blankets are available in a variety of style, but how can we know what each style offers. Comparing photo blankets is a great way to decide which is best for your needs. Woven photo blankets are most often created from cotton or acrylic yarns. The images chosen for the blanket by the consumer appear as woven patterns. Taking an up close look at woven photo blankets, the consumer will notice individually colored yarns combined to make one large image. Similar to a woven rug, the end result is a clear image from afar, with a grainy result up close. Woven photo blankets are finished in one of two ways. The edges will either be left in a fringe edging, where the yarn pieces are hanging freely, or in a bound edging. The fringe edging may have a tendency to fray after numerous washings or heavy usage. The bound edging, on the other hand, leaves the woven blanket with a border of color, similar to a photo frame.


Black and white photo blankets are also available from the picture photo blanket process. Unlike the woven and knitted varieties, again, the picture is printed or dyed into the fabric using all of the colors present in the photo. If there are ten grays, ten grays are used in addition to the blacks and whites. The end product, when grays are used, tend to be clearer and display an increased depth of image. Another difference between the woven and knitted varieties and the picture photo blanket is the ability to render an almost dual use blanket. The picture photo blanket is backed with a solid color fabric of the customers choice. All three types of photo blanket creations are offered in various sizes.


Whether you decide on a weaving process, knitting process, or photo reproduction process, your memory will appear on your photo blanket. The only way to choose which photo blanket is right for your needs is to learn about them all.

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