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The development of fleece blankets

The market for the blankets is developed in a fast speed which brings unlimited business opportunities for those involved in the industry. Blankets are now regarded as a necessity in our daily life, for decoration, for travel etc.


Fleece blankets are lightweight yet will keep you warm on a cold night. Many people think fleece is an animal product but in fact it is a man-made fiber. Fleece is made of polyethylene teraphthalate (otherwise known as PET), which is a thermoplastic polymer. The resulting fiber has the properties of high-level insulation without being bulky or heavy. This man-made fiber breathes readily, and therefore the person using it can sweat without all that moisture being trapped inside. Fleece is also very durable and fleece blankets will last many years.


Fleece blankets are cheaper to manufacture than woven blankets. This allows them to be sold at a cheaper rate. They are excellent for those who travel. They are lightweight, durable, can be folded away compactly and do not absorb water. Another great feature about fleece blankets is they are soft and have a luxurious feeling.


There is a wide range of blanket, such as fleece blankets, plush blankets available in the market. This provides more freedom for people to choose from. So no matter what our budget or what you need the blanket for there is one for you.

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