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The categories of fleece

Fleece Blankets are very grateful by people.  So there are many different fleece blankets in the market.  We all know the fleece is the major material. But the  fleece has many different categories. Such as micro fleece,  heavy weight fleece, etc.


Micro fleece is the thinnest of all the fleeces. It has a noticeable right and wrong side. The right side is extremely soft and smooth with an almost chamois like feel. It has a very short nap, and a soft drapey feel to it. The wrong side is fuzzy looking, and while soft does not have the velvety smooth texture of the right side. Micro fleece is excellent for double layer blankets, and lightweight single layer baby blankets. It??s also great when combine with a heavier weight fleece when two layers are wanted without the bulk of two full layers of heavier fleece. Micro fleece comes in prints and solids, but prints are less common and can be hard to find.


Heavy weight fleece is less common than the other two types. It is very thick, and generally has a deep, nubby texture. It is soft, but not as soft as the other two types of fleece. It makes excellent single layer blankets, and although a bit thick, can be used to make double layer blankets (especially nice when teamed up with micro fleece). Heavy weight fleece is usually only found in solids, and has no noticeable right or wrong side. As with most fabrics the quality of fleece varies and the quality is often reflected in the price tag. Lower quality fleece has a tendency to pick up small pieces of lint in the wash and dryer; this is called ??pilling??. Pilling doesn??t hurt the fleece, but it does detract from its appearance and texture.


In fact, there many other categories of the fleece. If you want to know, you can search it online.  Believe you will find more information about it.

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