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Snuggie blankets

The latest fashion in fleece blankets is the Snuggie blanket. This is a fleece throw with sleeves and sometimes a pocket on the front. This item combines the warmth and comforts of a fleece blanket but the convenience of being able to use your hands without loosing the blanket.


Fleece has been around for many years. In ancient times it was considered to be something that only the most affluent people had on their beds. But in modern times everyone can afford a fleece blanket.  There is a large variety of colors and patterns in fleece blankets and throws. You can find one to complement your interior design. Fleece is a long lasting fabric that is also fire resistant. It is warm and soft and provides great comfort when using.


Fleece will not loose its thickness when compressed. Synthetic blankets will only recover to about 70-80% of their original thickness after being compressed. With fleece blankets it does not matter if you crush, pull, twist or wad up the blanket it will come back to its original shape and thickness.


There are many brands that offer fleece blankets in different designs, colors, patterns and price range. There are also a variety of styles. The Snuggie blanket is sure to get attention. The Snuggie fleece blanket is designed to keep you warm while you do work of any kind. It has a user friendly design that allows you to garden, cook, read a book or just about any activity while wearing your Snuggie.

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