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Single layer blankets

Now there are many different types of the Blankets in the market.  Such as Fleece Blankets, Plush Blankets and so on. But the fleece blankets are easy to sew.  For example single layer blankets.


This blanket is so incredibly fun and cute it's worth the little bit of extra work involved in making it. To make this blanket you will need two or more different prints or solid colors of fleece. The easiest way to make this blanket is to use same sized squares of fleece, however, if you want to take the extra time to figure out the piecing arrangement different sized squares and rectangles can be combined creating a great effect.


For this example, we will be using 11x11 inch squares to create a 60x70 inch blanket. The 11 inch squares will be approximately 10 inch squares when finished. Begin by cutting out 42 11 inch squares. The fringe on this blanket will be one inch long (you can alter this length), so cut one inch squares out of all the corners on each of your blanket squares.


To begin, sew two squares wrong sides together. The seam allowance of the two squares will be on the right side of the blanket, and will later be cut into fringe. Continue sewing until 6 squares have been sewn together, all of them with the seam allowance on the right side. Sew another row of squares together, and then sew the two long rows together. Continue sewing until all the rows have been completed and sewn together. Then cut all the seam allowances and all the edges of the blanket into ½ inch wide or wider 1 inch long fringe.


Your finished fleece blankets can be machine washed and dried right along with your regular laundry making them as easy to care for as they are to sew.

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