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Simple knotted patchwork blankets

Now many people often make the Blankets by themselves.  No matter Fleece Blankets or Plush Blankets, people all want to try.  So you can see many people buy the material.  We introduce the simple knotted patchwork blankets for you, believe you will like it.


This blanket is fun and easy and can be either one or two layers. You can use as many different colors and sized of fleece as you wish making this an excellent way to use up fleece scraps. The blanket is easiest to make if you use squares of the same size, however, if you want to take the time to plan out your piecing you can cut and piece together multiple squares or rectangles together using the following directions.


Beginning with the top row of the blanket, tie two fleece squares together via their fringe using a square knot, or other knot of your choosing. Continue tying squares together until you have a row of 6 squares. Tie a second row of squares using the same method, and then tie the two long tows together. Repeat these steps by first tying together a row of squares, and then tying the rows together until the blanket is completed. You can tie the fringe around the outer edges of the blanket in knots for a singe layer blanket, or you can add a second layer to the blanket using the Knotted Two Layer Blanket directions.


If you are making a single layer blanket you can alternate which side of the blanket you tie the knots on making the blanket reversible. Finished blankets are easy to care for and can be machine washed and dried with regular laundry.

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