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Sample no sew fleece blankets

If you want to make a blanket by yourself,  you can choose the sample no sew Fleece Blankets.  No sew fleece blankets are the perfect solution and this article will teach you everything you need to know to make one.


Polyester fleece, sometimes called polar fleece, is a fabulous fabric with some very unique qualities that make it excellent for no sew projects. Fleece comes in several weights, all of which maintain the same unique qualities. Fleece is a breathable, moisture wicking fabric. What this means is that the fleece fibers pull moisture through it to its exterior surface allowing moisture to evaporate while still allowing air to easily pass through its fibers. This great combination of features makes fleece ideal for blankets or outerwear. Fleece will pull body moisture away to evaporate while still allowing for air circulation creating a soft, warm and dry covering. Because of the way fleece is woven when it is created, and its fiber content fleece will not fray when it is cut! This is great for no sew projects because you don't have to worry about finishing 'raw' cut edges.


The amount of fleece you will need per blanket will depend on how big you want it to be. For an infant, one yard of fleece will make a nice sized blanket. For an older child, one and a half to one and three quarter yards will be plenty. For an adult, 2 yards is a good length. If you are making a double layer blanket you will need twice the yardage.


If you are making a single layer blanket you can alternate which side of the blanket you tie the knots on making the blanket reversible. Finished blankets are easy to care for and can be machine washed and dried with regular laundry

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