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Safe Baby Blanket Types of Blankets

The baby blankets are of various types and these are mainly differentiated by the materials that are used to weave the blankets. The blankets materials are the factor that is responsible for the softness of the blankets. There are many types of blankets such as personalized blankets, knitted blanket, handmade blankets, monogrammed blanket, embroidered blankets and many other promotional blankets. These can be used as blankets gifts to present.
Each type of blanket has a different material that is used to weave and the method of weaving differs in each case. The other major difference in these types of blankets is the pattern that is weaved on these blankets. The blankets usually differ in the quality that is the softness. The blanket has to be selected based on the softness that it gives.

There are various types of blankets based on the stitches used to weave them. The stitches play a very important role in the blanket. The blanket softness depends on the stitches that are used to weave the blanket. Though similar materials when stitched differently by different stitch patterns the softness given by the blanket differs.

The stitch pattern plays a vital role in the selection of the blanket since the softness is the main criteria by which he blankets are weaved. Also when the stitch pattern is proper there wont be any material that would come out. This is because if the material comes out the baby can sometime eat and it may cause some problem. So the stitch pattern is the important category by which the blanket should be selected.

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