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Safe Baby Blanket Materials Used In Blanket

The main condition that has to be satisfied by the blankets used by the baby is that it has to be very soft. There are many materials from which blankets can be made. But the baby blankets need to be very soft and it must also keep the baby warm. Basically the woolen personalized blankets are generally used in most part of the world.
These woolen blankets are very soft and also they keep the baby warm. But the only drawback with the wool weaved blankets are that they are very costlier. Also these woolen blankets have to be made of good wool. Most of the time the wool that is used to make these blankets do not meet the requirements of baby blanket.
The woolen blanket that is weaved with poor quality wool makes the blanket harder after first wash. So the woolen blankets should be made of good quality wool so that the child gets a first best gift in life.
The other common material used to make baby blankets is cotton.
There are different varieties of cotton that is available to produce the baby blankets. The Egyptian cotton and combed cotton used baby blankets are very soft and this type of blankets is generally recommended since they also have the capacity of keeping the child warm.
There are many other materials from which the baby blankets are made. They are bamboo, chenille, pima cotton, silk and rayon materials. These materials are mostly used in African and south American countries. But these are now fast spreading in the Asian countries.

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