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Safe Baby Blanket Knitted Blanket

The knitted blankets are the special type of blanket that is made especially to comfort the children. They are made with knitted squares to add comfort to the children. The knitted square stitch is one of the difficult stitches but it is because of this kind of 2009 hot sale blankets is so soft and most of the parents get this type of blanket to bring comfort to their children.
The knitted blankets are costlier and this is due to the time taken for this type of blanket to complete is more. The difficulty in this type of blanket is that once started they need to be completed at a stretch since the work when left unfinished is difficult to start from middle. Also this type of blanket has to be stitched by a single person and the problem in transferring from one person to other person is also a reason for high cost of this blanket.
The knitted blanket can be stitched in machine at much easier rate. The knitted blanket gives very high softness due to the square stitch by which the blanket is stitched fully. But the problem with the square stitch is that the finishing line is somewhat less in strength when compared to other stitch pattern because the square stitch becomes incomplete at the last.
In order to give a better finish the square stitch is finished with the last stitch going back i.e. going towards the starting position so that the end is not at the corner rather it is near corner. The knitted blankets also keep the child warm.

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