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Safe Baby Blanket Embroidery in Blankets

The blankets are the first gift to the child by the parents and also this is the gift which the child mostly uses for first few months of its life. So the first gift if it carries the name of the child, then the parents would show the child when it grows mature and remind him of the very early days of the life.
So the embroidery work in the blanket can be done manually with much grace in it. The blankets even if it brought outside you can just embed your lovable child name or initial in it before giving him to use. The embroidery work will not take much time but care should be taken while doing the work.
The embroidery work should not disturb the overall beauty of the blanket. Also much care has to be taken when choosing the color of the thread. It should not be the same color that the blanket is made of. But the color has to be visible so it is better to choose a contrasting color.
The blankets if weaved by the mother then the blanket will be weaved with lots of love and care. These blankets if contain the name of the child then the mother would show and say her child that she weaved this blanket for you. The embroidery work should not be of thickness because this would make the child feel uncomfortable while sleeping in it. So it is good to make embroidery work in a simple manner so that it does not disturb the child but also would portrait your love.

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