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Posh plush blankets

Now more and more people like the Blankets,  and the request becomes higher and higher.  So many people will choose the posh Plush  Blankets.  That's why?


When an ordinary blanket just will not do, when you cannot find the perfect cover to match your child's room, Posh Blankets offer a chic custom option.


Design your own blanket by selecting the size, from itty bitty and lovey for babies up to the generously-sized blankets for teens or adults.  Posh Plush Blankets even creates pillows, too.  Then, select from beautiful fabric choices for the front and back.  You can also choose to add monogram, patchwork (four blocks of fabric), and satin ruffle border options.


You can selecte a patchwork of baby boy fabrics in blues and browns on one side and the pony print on the other and were impressed by the soft cuddly feel of the blanket.  Posh Blankets also sent us swatches of their other fabric choices and I was impressed that the quality was even better in person than it appeared online.  Be aware that some of the animal patterned fabrics are plush or minky and others are smooth or satiny.  When in doubt, drop the nice folks at Polka Dot Tot a quick e-mail to ask.


And also you can choose the pony print for one side of our blanket.  Mix with a special child's favorite color and you will have a beautiful blanket that is cuddly and cozy.

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