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Make fleece blankets for your baby

We all know many parents choose the Fleece Blankets for their baby. And there are many other parents often make the feelce blankets for their baby by themselves.


Fleece is a synthetic fabric made one hundred percent from polyester. Fleece is similar to wool, but it weighs much less while retaining the properties we love from polyester, like not absorbing odors, not absorbing water, or breaking down in appearance. Fleece dries quickly and keeps you warm, even if it is wet. It's difficult to find fabric more durable than fleece, it will hold up for years. Fleece is pill resistant, stain resistant, and can be easily cleaned in any washer and dryer. It will retain its color and its shape for a very long time. You can find fleece in a variety of weights and colors, offering you a lot of choices for your fleece blanket.The best way to make a fleece blanket is with a sewing machine. Sewing fleece by hand is certainly possible for a smaller baby blanket, but it's very tedious to make a large blanket when you're stitching by hand.


For gifts, adding distinctive touches like fringe or satin trim finishes the blanket beautifully. If you're making a fleece blanket for a baby gift or for a child, consider cutting animal shapes in a variety of colors from felt to add to the front of your blanket. Kid's love seeing their name on things, so cut letters from felt or other fabric and write something fun on your blanket. You can even adorn your blanket with alternating colors of fleece to maintain the same softness and durability throughout. Once you've seem how easy it is to make a fleece blanket, don't be surprised if you find yourself making many more. Creating something so functional and lovely with such ease can be addictive. Your friends and family will also love the side benefits of your new hobby.

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