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Introduction to different types of blankets

Purchasing a blanket means making important decisions about quality, price and comfort.  Everyone has a different opinion about what makes a great blanket, but it usually depends on what the blanket is going to be used for.

Blankets are great choices for taking out camping, for keeping in the car in case of emergencies, or for comfort around the home. Many companies use blankets as personalized promotional gifts for their employees, their business partners, or for valued customers.  Most modern blankets are machine washable and are convenient choices for people with little time to get their blankets to a specialist cleaner.

Many people prefer cotton because these types of blankets come in so many choices of colours, sizes and styles.  Cotton blankets work well as layering on a bed, or they can be used alone in warmer climates, or in the summer months.  Cotton blankets vary substantially in price and quality depending on the cotton count.  Posh hotel quality cotton blankets will clearly cost far more than budget versions.  The cheaper types may not wash as well, but are a practical alternative for people who want a smart look but at less cost. Cotton is very easy to care for and plain blankets can be customized with hand embroidery to make them a really special personal or promotional gift.

Blankets made of down give more warmth and can be quite stunning on a bed, giving that touch of luxury.  If you feel the cold or need a warmer choice for the cooler months, then down is an ideal choice

Where even a down blanket is insufficient, electric blankets are wonderfully cozy and will keep you warm on even the coldest nights.  Modern electric blankets are lightweight and easy to use, with a timer, and are priced to be affordable for most people.  Clearance sales are worth looking out for to pick up a really good quality electric blanket for buyers on a budget.

For many people fleece blankets are an absolute favourite and fit within most budgets.  Fleece blankets keep you toasty and the softness of the fabric is rarely surpassed by other materials.  Fleece comes in a large variety of colours and can be purchased as throws, or in other sizes to fit your choice of bed.  Fleece also makes an ideal choice for travel, picnic and baby blankets due to its softness and durability. 

Many companies use fleece blankets as promotional items and have their logos hand embroidered onto the blankets at low cost.  They are popular as gifts for employees, for example at Christmas, or as a thank you for a really productive business year.  Patients and clients of caring services love to receive blankets as gifts and these are symbols of how much the organisation cares for the people it looks after or employs.

Fleece is generally among the best in terms of being light weight yet warm and soft, and for cost.  Fleece washes really well and maintains its just-bought look for longer than some materials which take more looking after.

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