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Introduction the blankets to everyone

Following the change of weather in these few years, demand for woolen blankets of good quality has been increased accordingly.  A blanket of superior quality is a common target of the consumers. Questions will always be raised when deciding to make a purchase of blankets. It is better for us to have ample knowledge of blankets.  


Blankets was the short name for the woolen bedding blanket. It is made of the fibers of wools or a mixture of both fibers.  Blankets with woolen materials and even thickness bothsides are called woolen blankets. There are varieties of blankets.

Woolen blankets are for bedspread, tapestry or other travel products. In the purchase blankets should pay attention to the appearance of quality, color applicability, a wool or other fibers, or blends, the weight of each bed, trademarks and packaging quality. Suede should be rich uniform; package side conduct their fine quality sewing; weight should be consistent with regulations or contract requirements; each blanket shall be sewn with trademarks, trademarks should state the make, grade; any treatment without the moth blankets, each agent should be added moth! "above; blanket packaging should maintain the quality of carpet surface from injury and to facilitate storage and transportation and sale.


Different blankets offer different feel. If you want to select a good blanket but lack of knowledge just visit and all problems are easily solved.

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