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Introduce the different blankets for you

Cashmere Blankets and Throws - Cashmere is obtained from Cashmere goats and is a very soft type of fabric.  It is light-weight and offers good insulation.  They come in a variety of sizes so it can fit your needs properly.


Personalized Baby Blankets and Throws - These are made to be soft and memorable.  They are supposed to be keepsakes for the baby so they can treasure it while growing up.  They can be stitched with the baby's name or the family's last name.


Fleece Blankets and Throws - Fleece comes from the wooly coat from domestic shape or long haired goats.  Fleece is relatively inexpensive and can be found more readily available when compared to cashmere.


Faux Fur Throws - Just as the name suggests, faux fur is fake fur or fur alternative.  It imitates expensive fur and comes close to the soft touch of real fur.  This is great if you are opposed to the killing of animals to retrieve fur.


These are here to just name a few blankets and throws, there are much more blankets and throws available and this blog will try to cover more in the near feature.

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