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How to use the receiving blankets?

There are many different blankets in the market.  Such as Custom BlanketsFleece Blankets, etc.  And many people like the receiving Blankets now.  That's why? Because they have many uses.


Instead of buying an expensive stroller shade that can only be used for one purpose, use receiving blankets instead. Use safety pins (be careful) or clothespins to attach to the stroller. If using a thick blanket, make sure there is plenty of ventilation. Blankets can block either sun or rain.


Receiving blankets work well as burp cloths. They are larger than most burp cloths, so can keep your clothing clean. Babies tend not to aim for the burp cloths anyway, so a larger shield is useful.


Bring a receiving blanket along on outings. If your baby has received special handmade blankets, you won't want to bring them on trips. Using an inexpensive and plain receiving blanket on errands helps keep those special blankets safe. Chances are baby will kick off a blanket onto the floor, or one might get dropped or forgotten in a store or restaurant.


In fact, they have many other purposes.  If you are interested them,  you can search some information online.

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