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How to turn an old sweatshirt into a no-sew cuddly pet blanket.

Here s an fun, no-sew way to turn an old sweatshirt into a no-sew cuddly pet blanket. For those of you who frequent fabric stores, you ll recognize the technique; for those of you who don t know fleece from flannel, don t worry. It really is an INCREDIBLY fast and easy project.

What you need:

One old sweatshirt.the biggest you can find. It doesn t even matter if it s stained.

A scissors.

A ruler and a bit of cardboard.

What you do:

First, cut the bottom, arms and yoke off the sweatshirt, but be sure to SAVE the arms for a project we ll be tackling in the near future. You should have a square-ish sandwich when you re done.

Because the sweatshirt I used was stained, I turned the pieces inside-out, as it were, so the right sides are now together. (My apologies to any Packers fans out there.) You could also only turn one side inside-out for a two-texture effect, if you know what I mean.

Next, using your ruler, cut 3  squares from each corner of the fabric sandwich.

No, kitty, your woobie isn t done yet.

Cut a 3/4  by 3  piece of cardboard for a template. Place the template at one of the corners like so..

.and, using the template, cut  fringe  on all four sides of your sandwich. Cut through BOTH pieces at the same time.

Finally, double knot both sides of your fringe together. Before you knot the final side, you could slip inside batting or a cushion to make the blanket more  pillow-y .

You ll probably end up with lint/fabric  bits  when you re done. To get rid of them, shake your blanket outside or wash and dry it as you would have when it was a sweatshirt.

My assistant seems to approve.

In the giving mood? Make a bunch of these and donate them to your local animal shelter; they, and the animals, will love you for it!

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