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How to make trim the edge of fleece balnkets?

The previous article said hoe to make no-sew fleece balnkets, below we introduce the method that make trim the edge of fleece blankets. If you have interested in it, you can read about below:


Step 1: Design the style of blanket you'd like to make and Measure to get the size of your fleece blanket.


Step 2: Cut your fleece two inches larger than the desired finished size of your blanket, all the way around. You will need two pieces exactly the same size. You need a pair of sharp scissors to get a good straight cut with fleece; sewing cutters also work well.


Step 3: Cut the batting one inch larger than the finished size of your blanket, all the way around.


Step 4: Place your batting between the two layers of fleece. Pin all the way around for more secure sewing. You will notice that you have one inch of fleece with no batting all around the edges of your blanket. This is to make it easier to attach any type of trim. If you prefer to carry the batting all the way to the edge of the blanket, cut it to the size of your fleece pieces.


Step 5: Stitch your blanket all the way around to secure the batting. Remove the pins as you go.


Step 6: Fold your trim in half so that one edge lays over the stitches on one side of your blanket and the other edge reaches the line of stitching on the opposite side of your blanket. Iron your trim to create a crease for easier sewing. Attach the edges of your trim to the edge of your blanket with pins, all the way around. The best place to pin your trim is to follow the line of stitches you made when you closed your blanket. Sewing over, or close to, your other stitches will add strength to the blanket closure.


Step 7: Sew your trim all the way around, removing the pins as you go.


If you according to the process, you will find it is very easy. Believe you can do it well.

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