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How to Make a No-Sew Polar Fleece Throw

A no-sew polar fleece throw is just about the easiest blanket to make yourself. Using just a panel of polar fleece, a tape measure or ruler, and a sharp pair of scissors C no sewing at all - you can easily put together a fringed throw in about an hour or two. These make a wonderful handmade gift for a new baby, a special child, or anyone who appreciates a soft and cuddly throw.


Things You'll Need:

•Polar fleece
•Ruler or tape measure
•Fabric pen


One of the advantages of making a no-sew polar fleece throw yourself, is that you can tailor the dimensions to your needs. If you would like to use semi-standard dimensions, however, plan on a 30x40 inch baby throw, about 48x60 inches for a child, and 60x72 inches for an adult.


To make a no-sew polar fleece throw, you will need a panel of medium-weight fleece, a pair of scissors, and a ruler. Most fabric stores carry a wide variety of fleeces in an amazing assortment of patterns. The width of the fabric will typically be 58-60 inches. To determine what length to purchase, use the following guidelines: baby blanket, 1 yard; child throw, 1-1/2 yards; adult throw, 2-1/4 yards. Make a note of the washing instructions on the fabric bolt.

You will also need a fabric pen for marking the location of the fringe. Either a water-soluble marking pen or a disappearing ink pen should work well on fleece. You can find these at most fabric shops or in the sewing section of department


Wash and dry the polar fleece according to the manufacturers instructions. To prep for cutting, fold the fleece rectangle in half, and then in half again. Be careful to line up any patterns. Use your fabric pen and ruler to mark the cutting lines parallel to the free edges. These should be one-half of the final dimensions. For example, for a 30x40 inch baby throw, draw one 15 inch line and one 20 inch line so that the fleece unfolds to the final dimensions.


Use the fabric pen and ruler to lay out a line around the edge of the fleece. This will be the cutting depth for the fringe. For a baby blanket, draw the line about 2 inches in from the edge. For a child blanket, use 3-4 inches. And for an adult blanket, 4-6 inches generally works well. Draw the line around the entire blanket.

At each corner, the intersecting lines will have formed a square. Use your scissors to cut out each square C this will help to keep the corners of the finished throw looking neat. Cut the edges of the throw into ½ wide strips, up to the marked line, to form the fringe. The widths do not have to be exact, but there should be an even number of strips on each edge. As you approach a corner, adjust the widths as needed.


For a neater looking throw, it is nice to knot the fringe. Starting from one corner, tie two pieces of fringe together using a square knot (see illustration at right). Continue to tie knots around the entire throw to finish it off. Enjoy your no-sew polar fleece throw!

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