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How to make a fleece blanket sleeve?

We all know the Blankets can make us warm and comfortable. And the Fleece Blankets are very popular in our life. So many people want to know how to make a fleece blanket sleeve.  If you want to know, you can read about below:


To create the first sleeve, fold strips in half to make two feet by one foot a 30-inch "tube". Sew a seam along the 30-inch pipe to close. At first the sleeve. Do the same for the other sleeve.


Next, you need to cut some holes on the sleeveseven feet long by 60 "batteries. Measure 14 inches from an end 60-inch ?C and then measure 11 cm on each side of this point. Cut a 9 inch in height by six inches long oval on these points is.


Attach the sleeves on these oval and sew inside It 's a little extra fabric' on the oval, then it should "only" in this ?C it just means that you press with a little extra fabric at times. So you canParticipate in a longer piece on a piece shorter. Just try to be on top of the sleeves.


Once completed this project, the only drawback you have to do, because some members of your family wants to be all one.

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