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How to Make a Baby Blanket

In order to make a baby blanket, materials you will Need:
Printed fabric (1 yard) 
Coordinating soft solid fabric (satin, woolen fabric, fur) (1 yard)
Cotton batting (1 yard) 
Sewing machine

Step 1: Take the 1 yard fabric, which will be on the top. Go for a plain or printed fabric in pink color if its for a baby girl or a blue one if it is for a baby boy. There are a bundle of other options available while choosing patterned fabric. Floral prints, stripes, polka dots, geometrical prints, animal prints are some of the beautiful designs in which fabrics are available. Choose a light and cool color, dont opt for a very gaudy one. Cut this fabric, cotton batting and solid fabric equally into a 29 inch square each.

Step 2: Spread the cotton batting square.

Step 3: Now, place the two fabrics over it.

Step 4: Make sure the right sides of these two fabrics face each other.

Step 5: Pin the three layers together. This will be helpful during the process of stitching.

Step 6: Sew these three pinned layers together. Remove the pins as the pinned part of fabric reaches the needle. Use a half-inch seam to stitch them.

Step 7: On one side, keep a length of 5-inches open.

Step 8: Sever the excess fabric from the corners.

Step 9: Turn the stitched fabrics right side out.

Step 10: Then stitch the 5-inch opening. You can fold the two outermost fabrics about one and a half inch inwards and stitch that fold from the top with smallest stitch length setting. Keeping this stitch at the extreme borders will give it a good look.

Step 11: Your baby blanket is ready, but it needs some finishing.

Step 12: Sew a border stitch on the blanket. This stitch can be between ¼ inch to 1 inch inwards from the borders. Maintain the same distance in case of each of the border lines.

Step 13: You can use a simple pattern or any of the decorative stitch patterns available on your sewing machine.

Step 14: This will give a fine and finished look to the blanket.

Step 15: You can further decorate it to enhance its look.


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