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How to Choose the Best Blanket

There are so many different blankets to suit so many different needs and requirements, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one would best suit you. Here follows a few suggestions of potential needs for blankets, including for gifts, corporate gifts, family events etc. and suggestions about which blanket would be most suitable for each situation. Of course, the following are only suggestions: most blankets are so durable they can be used for many different purposes, and all blankets can be either custom embroidered or custom heat printed.

Company gifts might best suit a travel blanket package or a promotional fleece blanket. The choice here really depends on the company budget for corporate gifts. Travel blanket packages cost a little more because they include the blanket, specially shaped travel pillow and soft fleece eye mask. Promotional fleece blankets are an excellent company gift for newly established businesses that wants to promote itself, but might not have the capital to splash out on such expenses. Promotional fleece blankets suit the printing of a logo very well and, though they are low cost, have not sacrificed quality. The material is very soft and strong, with double stitched, high quality seams to guarantee against fraying.

Many blankets make great gifts for friends and family, but a more luxurious fabric gives a generous edge that lets the receiver know they are really cared for. Particularly nice as a gift for a loved one would be a super soft plush blanket, complete with large silk ribbon tie. This type of blanket would be best suited to a female loved one. For a man, the camouflage colour blanket or a simple plush or eco blanket in a gender neutral colour. Add a personalised message to let the recipient know who sent such a thoughtful gift.

For your home, faux fur throws can really jazz up a living room and can be used to cover an old or slightly worn sofa or armchair. They are also equally fantastic for putting at the foot of a bed. Less expensive and far less bulky than an additional duvet, a faux fur throw can really help to keen night time drafts away. Other throws are great for around the home or to keep in the car if you own a pet that sometimes travels with you and your family (no more hairy car seats!).

For camping trips and outdoor activities blankets or all kinds are a must, to keep warm and to protect from damp or dusty ground. Lightweight, easily washed and quick to dry fleece blankets are ideal for extra warmth on camping trips. For placing on the ground (either on a picnic or in the centre section of a tent) nylon based picnic blankets are the ideal solution. These picnic blankets might also double up to keep a pet off a car seat just as effectively as a throw - especially as the nylon under side can be easily wiped clean.

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