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How much fabric you need?

Now more and more people like the Fleece Blankets.  But there are many people want to make the Blankets by themselves.  So we tell you how much fabric you need.


When the attendant at the cutting table asks you how much fabric you need, give the amount you need in yards. You will also benefit from buying 1/8 of a yard more than you need to accommodate potential shrinkage.


For the sake of this lesson, let's say you want to make a large square blanket, and you purchase 1 3/4 yards of 60-inch fleece. A yard and three-quarters equals 63 inches. After prewashing, this may shrink to around 60 inches. This will give you a 60 by 60-inch square.


You will need three packets of quilt binding for a blanket this large; for smaller blankets, you may only need two. It will look more striking or decorative to use quilt binding that matches the lightest color in the acrylic printed fabric. If you cannot find an exact matching color, then a complementary color will stand out in striking contrast. By complementary color, we are talking specifically about colors that are opposite from each other on a color wheel. Red is opposite from green, purple from yellow, and orange from blue. For a baby blanket, pastel colored acrylic looks very nice with white or cream-colored quilt binding.


For the record, quilt binding is very similar in weight and texture to bias tape. It has a double fold and it is also wider than extra wide bias tape. For a blanket, buy the larger size spool of thread that matches your quilt binding.

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